Tween Advisory Board Celebrates Children’s Books

The Tween Advisory Board, made up of 6th and 7th grade preteens, embarked on a service project to create short video reviews of their favorite children’s books. Under the direction of Christina Hirsch and Ilona Sayan the tweens, working in teams, created seven video book reviews from Dr. Seuss to Margaret Wise Brown.

Each video has an actor and producer and were filmed on a digital camera. The entire project was completed during five Tween Advisory Board meetings. Everyone had a wonderful time doing the project.

The Tween Advisory Board hopes that younger children will enjoy these videos and read the books. We anticipate the children watching the videos today will be creating their own films, when they join the Tween Advisory Board. View the compilation video below.

Fran Jackson
Head of Young Adult Services

Tween Advisory Board Video