Computer Security Alert: Tech-Support Phone Call Scam

A new new telephone scam is becoming very prevalent where a caller claims to be from a software or technology company and indicates that a computer in your home is infected with a virus or malware.  This type of phone call is a scam.

See and for more information.

New Resources Added – Available 24/7!

Three new electronic resources were recently added to the Library’s website: Morningstar Investment Research Center, Value Line Investment Survey, and ABMS Directory.

Morningstar evaluates more than 385,000 investment offerings, mutual funds and stocks.  When you use Morningstar, you can access investment planning tools and guidance as well as comprehensive financial information on hundreds of exchange traded funds and portfolios, which will help you with your investment strategy.

Value Line can be used as your personal online investment management tool helping you, as an investor, make better informed decisions.  Electronic offerings include easy access to Value Line investment analyzers and industry experts as well as their predictions of stock performance going forward.

Through ABMS (American Board of Medical Specialties), find out where and when a board certified doctor went to medical school and where he/she received additional training as well as their office contact information.

All are available 24/7 via our website under “Research Databases.”