Important News About Your Newsletter

As of July, 2011 we will be sending our Newsletter to our patrons via email.  We will no longer be mailing it to your home.  Budget considerations have driven us to this decision.  We continually strive to provide the residents of the East Meadow School District with the finest in Library services, while always looking at the bottom line.  Over the last few years, the costs of printing and postage have risen dramatically.  It is simply irresponsible for us to ignore the truly significant savings this move will afford the Library and, in turn, our patrons.  In addition, it is a more eco-friendly way of providing you with important information.  For those who prefer to have a paper copy of our Newsletter, it will be available at the Library.  We will be collecting email addresses at the circulation desk or you can register online, if you wish to have the Newsletter electronically delivered.